Years ago, when I needed to present at a national conference, and my suits had all become out-of-fashion, I had an immediate need to buy a suit. My wife and I headed out to a famous men's clothing store. I never expected that my experience would provide a lesson in brand execution — one that has stayed with me, even years later.
What inspires anyone to build a relationship with one business or brand over another? The truth is people usually make choices by instinct and intuition.  Behavioral economics lays out a set of common mental shortcuts, aka biases or heuristics, that people subconsciously rely on to make intuitive buying decisions. Here's how behavioral science can streamline your customer journey.
Take a closer look at your customer journey. The process of attracting and engaging customers is more like Speed Dating than you may think. Here are five steps your brand can take to perform better in those few fleeting moments between Awareness and Consideration.