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New begins now.

How will your brand strategy reflect lessons from the past two years?

For all the disdain that people feel for their extended pandemic experience, let’s appreciate that 2021 provided most of us with a rich testing ground for a new way forward, both for the coming year and beyond.

Maybe you moved into a media territory that you used to consider too risky. Or maybe you’ve mastered new ways to engage remote talent for more effective results.

Whatever your experience, we see three important lessons from our pandemic experience:

No medium is an island.

Movement to digital and remote interactions are accelerating, but that also means integration of traditional technologies like print, live events, and face-to-face selling can be a powerful differentiator as part of your media mix.

Communication remains a human-to-human endeavor.

Despite advancements in AI, machine learning, and automated communications systems, we still have living, breathing, feeling, humans at both ends of every communication strategy. So be real… be human. You’re not communicating with robots.

Customers want to know more about WHY you’re here.

Leading with WHAT your business does is so 2019. It’s time to build compelling stories around WHY you do what you do and HOW you do it better. Your prospects and customers will become strong advocates for your cause.

Our new and ever-changing normal will reward each of us for…

  • Listening for innovation from across our business ecosystem
  • Showing prospects, customers, and team members what we truly stand for
  • Helping our extended teams operate from our unique purpose

Let’s resolve that now is the time to move your brand forward.

Ray Ferreira
Founder, Chief Strategist