How We Work

Smart thinking always begins with careful discovery

Just as every business is different, every business challenge is also unique. That’s why we always begin with a process of discovery — careful listening and maybe some research and assessment — before we figure out how to deliver the strategy, creativity, execution, and refinement that will get the results your business needs. 

VergeX Process

The flexibility of deep expertise when you need it

We’ve worked hard to establish a collaborative team of expert thinkers, creators, and builders so we can put the right talent on projects, just where you need them. Our consortium approach offers you a group of seasoned problem solvers, each with decades of practical know-how. They’ll be there to deliver essential value when you need it but won’t burden your budget when you don’t. For us, it creates a level of scalability that large and small clients love. For you, it provides an agile team that can take on the toughest and most complex challenges or smaller projects that just need a little of the right kind of help. 

A commitment to go the distance

Moving your brand forward is our bottom line. We want to serve as your extended team, deliver solutions to grow your business, and have you feel like the process was easy and effective.

Let’s talk about how to approach your next challenge.