Moving Beyond the Echo Chamber:

Four Ways to Expand Your B2B Social Media Presence

Imagine this: You’re at a regional business event, showcasing your amazing B2B products or services. But the only people who stop by are your neighbors, your family, and a few close friends. Great for catching up, but not exactly ideal for growing your business, right?

That’s kind of what happens when you rely solely on organic social media reach — that list of online followers who have already decided they like what you offer. You’re preaching to the converted, the people who already know and follow you. But what about the vast sea of potential customers out there who haven’t heard your story yet?

Discover the Superpower of Paid Social Media!

Here’s the beauty: paid audiences can be exponentially larger than your organic following. We’re talking about reaching thousands, even millions, of targeted B2B decision-makers who are actively interested in your industry. These are people who don’t already know you, but with the right message and targeting, they could become your biggest fans.

Think about it: wouldn’t you rather have a packed auditorium full of potential clients than a small gathering of friends and family at the local coffee shop?

Your Paid Social Aha!

Don’t be intimidated by the “paid” part. With a strategic approach, even a modest budget can unlock a world of new B2B connections. Today’s paid social platforms are flexible, allowing you to tailor spending and target your ideal audience for maximum impact. It’s an investment in reaching the right people.


    Laser-Target Your Ideal Audience:

    Platforms like LinkedIn offer incredible targeting options based on demographics, job titles, company size, and even industry interests. Imagine reaching the exact decision-makers you want to connect with, instead of hoping your message reaches the right eyes organically.


    Step Out of the Echo Chamber:

    Break free from simply preaching to your existing followers. Paid ads allow you to expand your reach and introduce your brand to a whole new audience of potential customers. I’m not talking about just doubling your audience. Even a modest media budget can help you reach 10 times as many qualified prospects!


    Use Hashtags… And Use Them Wisely:

    Hashtags are a great way to get discovered, but stuffing your posts with random ones is like wearing mismatched socks to an important meeting. Focus on industry-specific hashtags with a decent amount of traffic. Start by reading this HootSuite article on “How to come up with hashtags for LinkedIn.”


    Boost Brand Awareness and Credibility:

    Set up a Linkedin Campaign Manager account and you’ll be ready to help your ideal audience see your brand more often. A well-crafted, and regular, paid presence will keep your B2B brand top-of-mind with all the right people. And you’ll  appear more established and trustworthy, even if you’re a smaller company.

    Organic and Paid Social Media Are a Winning Team!

    Organic content builds trust and engagement with your existing audience, while paid social helps you reach a wider net and attract new customers. But you don’t have to choose one over the other. A winning strategy will leverage the familiar good will of your followers to amplify your message while reaching carefully targeted new prospects through paid reach. 

    It’s time to take your B2B message from a tiny town gathering to a global conference stage! Implement these tactics and watch your audience, and your leads, start to soar.

    If you’re looking for a smart approach to build leads on and off of social media, we’re ready to set you up for success. Let’s talk about how a strategic content marketing plan can move your brand forward.


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